Cookie Policy

Cookies and similar technology
Cookies are small text files installed on your device (as a User) when browsing our website (Service). Cookies collect information that facilitates the use of the website - for example, by remembering the User's visits to the Service and actions taken by them.

"Essential" cookies
We use so-called essential cookies primarily to provide the User with services provided electronically. Cookies used for this purpose include cookies with data entered by the User (session identifier) for the duration of the session (user input cookies).

"Performance" cookies
We use so-called performance cookies to improve the quality of services in the Service. Therefore, we and other entities providing analytical and statistical services on our behalf use cookies, storing information or gaining access to information already stored on the User's telecommunications terminal equipment (computer, phone, tablet, etc.). Cookies used for this purpose include Google Analytics cookies used to analyze how the User uses the Service, to create statistics and reports on the functioning of the Service.

Tools for Analytics used by us and our partners
Our company and our partners use various solutions and tools for analytical purposes. Below are basic information about these tools. Detailed information in this regard can be found in the Privacy Policy of a given partner.

• Google Analytics
Google Analytics cookies are files used by Google to create statistics and reports on the functioning of the Service, in order to analyze the way in which the User uses the Service. Google does not use the collected data to identify the User or combine this information in order to enable identification. Detailed information on the scope and rules for collecting data in connection with this service can be found at the link:

Managing cookie settings

Essential cookies, which are necessary for using the website, are automatically installed on the user's device. Their use is necessary for the provision of telecommunications services (transmission of data for displaying content) - the user cannot opt out of these cookies if they want to use the Service. Performance cookies are not automatically installed by us. The user can give us permission to install performance cookies by giving consent when opening the Service. The user can give consent for the installation of performance cookies by sliding the slider on the banner that appears when entering the website. Then we will be authorized to install performance cookies according to the settings of the browser used by the user (all cookies are installed by default). The user can withdraw their consent at any time. To do this, the user should click on "Change settings" located in the bottom right corner of the page and slide the slider. Withdrawing consent to the use of cookies is also possible through browser settings. Detailed information on this can be found at the links below:

- Internet Explorer:
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The user can check their current privacy settings for their browser at any time using the tools available at the following links: